SpecRelia Industrial Services (SPECifications РRELIAbility) is an independently owned and managed company which provides nondestructive testing, welding inspection and consulting services. Our company is built to meet the growing demand and needs for an independent and reliable inspection company in support for our country’s growing economy and infrastructure projects especially for the power generation, oil & gas and construction industry including other allied industries.

Our team consists of well versed engineers, inspectors and technicians
with strong technical background, skills, qualification and experience,
which will be able to provide your needs and requirements efficiently

We are a customer-first oriented company, therefore we ensure to provide
a personal touch for a highly reliable, fast and independent testing and
inspection service regardless of the size of the contract on all of
our customers.

We commit ourselves unconditionally for the promotion of safe working
conditions, health and environmental care at all times. It is our policy to
provide, educate and show to our employees including other people that we
work with, the importance of safe working environment, health care, including
efficient ways to reduce as much as possible, the environonmental impact
of what we do.


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